Kainos and Enzai announce key strategic partnership on responsible AI governance

Enzai announces strategic partnership with leading digital services provider Kainos Group Plc
Ryan DonnellyRyan Donnelly
Ryan Donnelly
17 Jun
Kainos and Enzai announce key strategic partnership on responsible AI governance

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 17 June 2024: Today, Enzai, a leading provider of AI governance solutions, is announcing a key strategic partnership with Kainos, a leading digital technology company. The partnership will ensure that Kainos customers can confidently build and scale AI solutions, while staying ahead of compliance requirements and industry standards.

As the widespread adoption of AI technologies continues, organisations are looking for new ways to manage the risks these powerful technologies pose. Many are rightfully concerned about the bias, robustness and privacy risks these tools can pose. In order to get the most out of the technology, these risks (along with many others) must be effectively managed and mitigated.

Doing so effectively is no longer a nice to have - it’s now a business necessity. Recent regulatory developments, such as the EU AI Act, require businesses to adhere to stringent AI development, deployment and usage guidelines. This space is becoming increasingly technical and difficult to navigate, with new industry standards, such as ISO 42001 and the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, also emerging as an effective way to manage AI risk.

The need for AI governance

“It’s clear we’re living through a technological revolution, on the same scale as the invention of the microprocessor, the widespread adoption of the internet and the shift to mobile,” noted Ryan Donnelly, CEO of Enzai. “These powerful technologies have the potential to impact all aspects of our lives in a positive way, but in order to get there we have to be able to trust them. Our software platform enables organisations to build that trust in these systems, and we’re really excited about what we can achieve with Kainos through this partnership to enable that positive outcome we all want to see in the world.”

Kainos will offer customers access to Enzai’s world-class AI governance platform. As AI technology advances rapidly, so do the regulations surrounding its use. With responsible AI principles and themes making their way into regulation and law, like the imminent EU AI Act, it is vital for organisations to ensure compliance.

Enzai’s AI governance solution

Enzai’s platform allows organisations to understand and manage the risks that come with AI, while meeting their emerging regulatory obligations. The platform does so by abstracting away many of the underlying complexities of the AI governance space, such as complicated laws and standards, and presenting it to the user in a simple and easy to understand way. This involves the following.

  1. Govern: the solution comes equipped with best-in-class compliance frameworks, designed by leading lawyers in the space, which organisations can adopt (and customise) to establish high standards around how they build, deploy and use AI in their organisations. It also allows organisations to build up a comprehensive inventory of how and where they are using AI across their business.
  2. Measure: through a range of different assessment techniques and formats, some of which are automated where possible, organisations can quickly and accurately gauge how their systems are holding up against their compliance frameworks.
  3. Collaborate: with state-of-the-art collaboration features designed for enterprise from the outset, the Enzai platform brings diverse stakeholders together to review their AI. Bringing people to the table with different areas of expertise is key to implementing responsible AI effectively.
  4. Review and report: the unique dash-boarding capabilities in the Enzai platform allows you to quickly see the aggregate governance position across your organisation at a glance, all in real time. The platform will alert users to issues, so that these can be quickly addressed.
The partnership

Enzai’s AI governance platform, designed by lawyers with regulatory expertise, can be tailored to each organisation’s use cases and policies, making Enzai an ideal partner for Kainos.

Gareth Workman, Chief AI Officer at Kainos, explains, “implementing good AI practices requires careful planning and preparation. Post-implementation, continuous monitoring is crucial to manage potential issues and risks. By offering our customers a platform like Enzai, we’re able to provide a comprehensive view of AI governance and compliance across their organisation. The platform delivers instant access to reports and insights, enabling organisations to understand their AI landscape and leverage their strategic advantage.”

Ryan Donnelly, CEO of Enzai, adds, “partnering with Kainos is a natural fit for us. Our customers, often large multinational organisations, deal with complex operations. Working with Kainos ensures our solution integrates seamlessly into their existing tech stack, allowing them to govern their AI systems from day one.”

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