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AI Governance

The need for proper AI governance is only growing more acute as technology develops. AI compliance is no longer optional: organisations using Artificial Intelligence will need to comply with upcoming regulations.

At its core, AI governance is a legal and regulatory issue. Enzai has been designed by expert lawyers with top-level regulatory experience. It is geared specifically towards helping businesses meet emerging regulatory requirements and standards with ease.

AI Regulations and Standards

Countries around the world are passing legislation to harness AI technology for good, and firms are increasingly complying with standards and codes of conduct for AI. Businesses that want to build trust and get the most out of their AI can’t afford to be left behind.

The Enzai platform is the best way to manage AI governance risk, providing compliance by design. Ready-made policy packs, such as the EU AI Act, NYC 144 and Canada’s AI and Data Act, enable organisations to stay on top of and comply with emerging regulations and standards efficiently.

Model Risk Management

Model Risk Management teams want to do their work at lightning pace, with pinpoint accuracy. The key to this is documentation, but there is no domain-specific tool available. Instead, teams must rely on an insufficient mix of generic tools, such as Word, email and Excel.

Enzai’s time-saving solution improves governance, efficiency and communication for MRM teams. Workflows can be managed clearly, communication is seamless, and the use of a single tool saves teams weeks of time.

Generative AI

For businesses looking to leverage generative AI, the clock is ticking. To keep up with AI regulations, the time to act is now. At its core, AI governance is a legal and regulatory issue - and we believe that the solution should be guided by legal expertise.

Enzai has been designed by expert lawyers with top regulatory experience.

It is geared specifically towards helping organisations using GenAI to meet emerging regulatory requirements and top notch governance standards, headache free.


The EU AI Act is the world’s first comprehensive AI law. When the Act comes into force, as early as 2023, businesses will require assistance in adhering to its provisions. This is not just to avoid fines, which could amount to 7% of turnover, but also to ensure continued trust amongst customers and users.

Enzai’s end-to-end governance tool helps businesses manage their AI regulatory risk effectively and efficiently. We have a specially-designed EU AI Act policy pack, as well as the resources necessary to comply with all other AI regulations and industry codes of conduct.

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