The AI Governance Podcast: Episode 1 with Kai Zenner

AI Governance
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An AI governance platform designed by lawyers with regulatory expertise, tailored to your use cases and policies.

Royal Academy of Engineering.Innovate UK.IDC.NQA ISO 27001 certified.IAPP ai foundational supporter
Royal Academy of Engineering.Innovate UK.IDC.NQA ISO 27001 certified.IAPP ai foundational supporter
Why You Need AI Governance

AI Governance is a Necessity

Regulations and Standards Have Arrived

Businesses must learn to navigate and comply with new legislation and guidelines.

Businesses Face Huge Reputational Risks

Organisations risk losing customer trust and a breakdown in product engagement if AI malfunctions.

Pressure on Compliance Teams is Growing

Teams must deal with increasingly complex AI Systems, with more use cases than ever.

How Enzai Can Help

A Governance Platform Tailored to Your Needs

Assess Compliance

Monitor compliance of your AI systems through our assessments and live model controls. Alert users to mitigate potential issues or risks.

Save Time

Implementing good AI governance practices can be time-consuming. Leverage built-in automations to import model data and artefacts, review and update documentation

Gain an Overview

Understand AI compliance across your organisation. Provide senior stakeholders with the full picture of their AI compliance to make strategic decisions and share reports for curated audiences

With years of experience, we know exactly what you need to get started quickly. Three simple steps.

Start fast


Adopt a Compliance Framework

Get compliant with all of the laws, regulations and standards in the space. Use our ready-made compliance frameworks or upload your own.


Build your AI Registry

Store all of your AI systems, models and datasets in one location, with all the necessary metadata. Assign owners and start building a full audit log.


Begin your Assessments

Start assessments with ease and customise every step of the process. Measure whether or not an AI system is compliant.

Product Features

for AI Governance

Our AI governance platform was designed by leading AI experts, leveraging their experience to give you peace of mind. Enzai is easy to set up and efficient to use, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. We offer world-class support and are available to help every step of the way.


Find all your ongoing assessments in one place and access all linked artefacts
Powerful Customisation Options


Access ready-made policies and assessment frameworks or create your own
A UI showing boolean questions and inputs

AI Registry

View all of your AI systems, models and datasets in one place, with all the necessary metadata
A UI showing a timeline of events related to project compliance

Governance Overview

Track the progress on assessments for every AI System in your organisation
Product Solutions

Responsibly Manage AI Across Every Use-Case

Achieve enhanced governance, seamless communication and improved efficiency across your entire AI programme with Enzai’s innovative solutions.

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Make AI Governance your Strategic Advantage

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