Webinar: The Future of AI Governance in 2024

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December 2023
4:00 pm
December 2023
5:00 pm
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What's in store for AI governance in 2024? How can you prepare for upcoming regulations? What should accountability look like in the age of AI?

Join us for an expert panel discussion on AI Governance, as we explore the landscape coming into 2024. AI continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace - organizations are increasingly implementing policies and guardrails around AI. Our panel of experts will navigate through the complex intersections of technology, ethics, and policy to illuminate the path forward.

Key Topics

Regulatory Trends: We will be discussing the latest and upcoming regulatory frameworks shaping AI governance globally, sharing insights into how governments are adapting to the challenges posed by AI technologies and the implications for businesses.

Accountability: Assess how organizations are integrating AI into their operations while maintaining accountability. Learn about emerging technologies, risk mitigation strategies, and the role of innovation in shaping responsible AI practices.

This webinar is aimed at policymakers, industry professionals, researchers, and anyone with a keen interest in the responsible and sustainable development of artificial intelligence. Join us as we look into the future of AI governance ahead of 2024.

Our Speakers

Ryan Donnelly, Founder, Enzai Technologies

Ryan is one of the founders of Enzai, a company on a mission to ensure that powerful AI technologies can fulfil their true potential. Enzai’s AI governance platform helps organisations manage AI risk through policy and organisational controls - allowing users to engender trust in, and scale, their AI systems. Before founding Enzai, Ryan worked as a corporate lawyer in London at some of the world’s leading law firms including Allen & Overy LLP and Akin Gump Strass Hauer & Feld LLP. Ryan is based in Belfast.

Connor Dunlop, European Public Policy Lead, Ada Lovelace Institute

Connor is responsible for leading and delivering Ada’s influencing and engagement strategy on the governance and regulation of AI in Europe. Prior to joining Ada, Connor worked in EU public affairs, where he led his team’s work on the EU’s AI Act and AI Liability Directive, while also working more broadly on EU data legislation. Connor has also worked for the UN Refugee Agency, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, and at a public affairs consultancy in his home city, Belfast. Connor is based in Brussels.

Martin Koder, AI Governance Lead, Swift

Martin leads the AI Governance efforts at SWIFT, the financial messaging service. He has a background in public policy consulting and works at the intersection of financial services, where he has 16 years of experience, and Artificial Intelligence. Previously, Martin worked at the London Stock Exchange Group and at NEST. He is based in London.

Chloe Autio, AI Policy & Governance Advisor

Chloe provides policy and advisory services to leading AI and technology organisations, including Fortune 500 companies, leading trade associations and AI labs. During her career, Chloe has worked with companies including Intel and the Cantellus Group as Head of Public Policy. She is based in Washington D.C.

Moderated by Karen Waserstein Engelman, Founders' Associate, Enzai Technologies

Karen is responsible for leading Enzai’s marketing and content creation efforts across all platforms. Prior to Enzai, she worked at leading consulting firms doing strategy and operations work with organisations in digital, data, and life sciences. Karen has a background in social science and policy research.

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