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Defining the boundaries of Enterprise AI. Enzai's easy to use and powerful AI risk management platform has everything you need for your AI programme to succeed.

Experience the most powerful control centre for AI governance

Personalised for you

Task Centre

The task centre offers clarity on tasks, open issues, and the latest updates, ensuring nothing gets missed.
Your 30,000 foot view

Control Centre

A powerful holistic view of all governance activities with real-time alerts and complete visibility of project progress. Understand your organisation’s aggregate governance position at a glance.

AI Inventory

Closing the door to risk begins when you create a detailed inventory of all the AI models you’re using. This can be done quickly and easily by importing them via our API. Then you can assign owners and access detailed auditing information.

Take the first step

Taking stock of the AI you’re using today is the best place to start.

Close the door to risk

Knowing where and how AI is built, deployed and used puts you in complete control.

Comprehensive Policy Frameworks

Best-in-class policy frameworks, designed by leading lawyers in the space, ready to use from day one. Their years of experience means you get the most useful advice for your assessments. Adopt the right policies, and make them your own.
Ready to Use
Built by Lawyers

Europe’s AI Act

The UK’s pro-innovation approach to regulating AI

Canada’s AI and Data Act

Industry specific frameworks, such as SR 11-7 and the PRA’s guidance on model risk

The World Ethical Data Foundation AI Governance Framework

Add your own…


Assessments keep your individual AI systems compliant with the policy frameworks you choose.
Our platform has all the powerful features you need to keep your AI in check.

Powerful Documentation

Automatically pull AI information for up-to-date compliance.

Granular Control

A market leading suite of controls, covering the lifecycle end-to-end.

Approval Process

Implement governance gates, so that the right stakeholders are taking the right decisions.


Enhance teamwork with state of the art collaboration features, including alerts and track changes.

Manage Information Flow

Streamline tasks across teams and design the governance workflow that suits you.

Privacy by Design

Data privacy measures ensure data confidentiality.

Governance that Grows

Start with a process that’s simple. Then you can grow your AI governance programme organically over time. Manage and measure the risks at your own pace.

Small and Simple

For the best chance of success, keep your assessments small and simple to begin with.

Grow Organically

Adapt your assessments over time to build the perfect programme for your organisation.

Trust Reporting

Generate reports tailored for any stakeholder. Get timely and relevant notifications so you're always in the loop. Publish to your AI trust centre and share these reports publicly.

Auto Generate Reports

Generate different reports for different stakeholders, so everyone is kept in the loop

AI Public Trust Centre

In development now. Request early access to be the first with access to your public trust centre.


Our platform fits into your current tech stack. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, MLFlow, Python, Jupyter, HuggingFace, with more on the way.


However you want to deploy, we’re setup to make it happen.

Hosted Cloud

Private Cloud


Build and deploy AI with confidence

Enzai's AI governance platform allows you to build and deploy AI with confidence.

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